The Four Angels

Well it’s that holiday time of year once again so I thought I would share a short story with you. Many years ago (like 30) my mother-in-law gave me a wonderful Christmas gift. She had always been involved in craft fairs, quilt making, etc. and she had attended a local fair in Milwaukee and bought me, her daughter, and her other daughter-in-law the same gift.

It was a set of four handmade angels, small to large that were made of folded paper and were beautifully detailed with hair made from moss with a crown of baby’s breath. Ivy was painted on the skirt of the dress and each angel held an ivy bouquet. Golden ribbon was tied at the waist and in a bow in the back. The moment I opened the box I knew they were something to treasure and even hand down to my own daughter some day. They were exceptionally handcrafted and so pretty. I promptly added them to my vast Christmas decoration collection.

About 10 years later, I became very close friends with a wonderful woman who had lost one of her grandchildren in a tragic accident. We were planning our annual holiday lunch and gift exchange and I couldn’t think of anything to buy her. She had shared with me so many personal stories about her family and how they honored the little boy they had lost each year by releasing balloons and sharing memories. My friend loved angels and felt they reminded her of her very special grandchild. As I looked around my house I spotted my own precious angels and thought to myself-“what a fitting gift for Ann.” So, I chose one and wrapped it up and presented it to her as a special gift. She was so appreciative and each year when I unpack my three remaining angels, I notice the one missing and I think of Ann and her loss and the hope that I make her smile when the holidays come around. She has my beautiful angel in her home honoring her beautiful baby, Kyle.

As you all prepare for the holidays I hope there is a special angel in your life too.


Ann said...

I never knew that you gave me one of a set. It is on the antique bench in the living room and it is so special to me. This is what friendship is all about!

BECKY B. said...

You are such a dear friend. I am so glad you liked the blog and the angel.