Chairs, Chairs and More Chairs

Have you noticed all the cool side chairs out there lately? An article in our local paper caught my eye recently—they showed a photo of a chair covered in different fabrics with different wood finishes and it was amazing how the chair changed personalities.

I went scouting for chairs for you and there is a great selection. You can find stylish chairs with and without arms, chairs with high backs and low backs, ones that are really only decorative and others that are supremely comfortable.

There is a catalog out there you all should sign up to receive. It’s called
Ballard Designs and it is full of up-to-minute styling for all sorts of things. Their current catalog has a display of multiple chairs on the cover available in different fabrics and finishes. Some of them may seem a little pricey but they sure can give you a jumping off point to figure out something creative for yourself.

I went to my favorite discount stops like
Tuesday Morning and Marshalls and took some photos for inspiration. Haven’t you always wished you had one more great side chair you can pull away from the corner to seat that extra guest or use for a nice accent? I know all my clients always like this idea and here is your chance to make that happen!!


Mom Goes to Greece

No, of course Mom didn’t go to Greece, but she did go to the Detroit version of it, Greek Town. This is a true hotspot for the gambling gang which is mom and her buddies.

Once again she got up at 5 a.m. even though the bus doesn’t leave Lorain until 8 (it’s called anticipation and excitement). Her pal Olga is the leader of the pack so Mom got a good seat in the front of the bus. Apparently these are prized seats and since Olga and her brother Bobo (yes for you non-believers these are their real names) are the trip organizers, Mom always get to ride up front. There are a lot of perks to this friendship – Olga is in charge of the FOOD too and since they do a lot of eating, this is a great thing.

Before they even pull out of Lorain for the 3 hour drive, they are served coffee and doughnuts. Is this the smartest thing for a bunch of old people with bladder issues to be doing? I ask myself this every time. Then, midway there, they are served chips and fruit. They arrive and after only a bit of casino gambling they are off to the GRAND BUFFET which costs the whopping price of $12.99. They all get discount coupons from Olga so it is only $9, (about the price of a glass of wine for me in a restaurant). Since Mom only eats a tiny bit of food and they won’t let you carryout, it really isn’t that much of a bargain for her.

NOW THE IMPORTANT NEWS— MOM WINS BIG. When she tells me how much she won later that evening I am skeptical since she practices what we all call “Mom Math” which means she only tells us her winnings and not how many twenty dollar bills she takes out of her purse during the day. But this time she was incredibly lucky and had a great day. Thank goodness because if she loses and you win, things can get a bit ugly.

At 6 p.m. after a full day of gambling, they all board the bus to go back home. Olga serves her very own potato chip casserole on the bus and they all travel along in peace with Mom in the front counting her money. All is well with the world.


June is for Jackson

In early June, our first grandbaby Jackson turned one year old and his parents celebrated with a super creative, pirate-themed party just for him. Stephanie is incredibly talented at entertaining and it was a most special event. I loved the fact so many age groups were invited – Stephanie and Andy’s friends, Mike and me (Baba and Dedo), my Cincinnati family of friends and of course, Karen, Jackson’s grandmother as well as Karen’s relatives. Stephanie and Andy have many friends with small children of their own who were all included as Jackson’s own buddies.

AHOY! Let’s talk pirates. J was wearing a darling onesie personalized with his name and a pirate and some cool checked pants. The tables were charming with large black and white polka dot cloths created for the event. Pirate favors of every kind were everywhere – treasure chests of candy, personalized candy bars, decorated cookies and a tiered centerpiece of cupcakes with pirate themed picks. The goodie bags were too cute and everyone wore birthday hats with a big “J.” A 4’ tall piñata pirate greeted guests at the front door, but before entering the magical space they were asked to stop on the porch for a photo wearing pirate and wench headpieces, with the option of waving swashbuckling swords. Stephanie had a large gold frame hanging from the porch soffit and Mike took the photos. Of course, not everyone enjoys having their photo taken as much as me but many of the guests joined in the fun.

The food was delicious – fried chicken, lots of salads, fruit and of course spectacular cupcakes, with popcorn and cotton candy as an additional option. We loved all of it, and while Jackson didn’t understand much, he does know a fun toy when he sees one – that’s for sure. He got some adorable gifts and everyone was happy to celebrate his first b-day!