Mom Goes to Greece

No, of course Mom didn’t go to Greece, but she did go to the Detroit version of it, Greek Town. This is a true hotspot for the gambling gang which is mom and her buddies.

Once again she got up at 5 a.m. even though the bus doesn’t leave Lorain until 8 (it’s called anticipation and excitement). Her pal Olga is the leader of the pack so Mom got a good seat in the front of the bus. Apparently these are prized seats and since Olga and her brother Bobo (yes for you non-believers these are their real names) are the trip organizers, Mom always get to ride up front. There are a lot of perks to this friendship – Olga is in charge of the FOOD too and since they do a lot of eating, this is a great thing.

Before they even pull out of Lorain for the 3 hour drive, they are served coffee and doughnuts. Is this the smartest thing for a bunch of old people with bladder issues to be doing? I ask myself this every time. Then, midway there, they are served chips and fruit. They arrive and after only a bit of casino gambling they are off to the GRAND BUFFET which costs the whopping price of $12.99. They all get discount coupons from Olga so it is only $9, (about the price of a glass of wine for me in a restaurant). Since Mom only eats a tiny bit of food and they won’t let you carryout, it really isn’t that much of a bargain for her.

NOW THE IMPORTANT NEWS— MOM WINS BIG. When she tells me how much she won later that evening I am skeptical since she practices what we all call “Mom Math” which means she only tells us her winnings and not how many twenty dollar bills she takes out of her purse during the day. But this time she was incredibly lucky and had a great day. Thank goodness because if she loses and you win, things can get a bit ugly.

At 6 p.m. after a full day of gambling, they all board the bus to go back home. Olga serves her very own potato chip casserole on the bus and they all travel along in peace with Mom in the front counting her money. All is well with the world.

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