Chairs, Chairs and More Chairs

Have you noticed all the cool side chairs out there lately? An article in our local paper caught my eye recently—they showed a photo of a chair covered in different fabrics with different wood finishes and it was amazing how the chair changed personalities.

I went scouting for chairs for you and there is a great selection. You can find stylish chairs with and without arms, chairs with high backs and low backs, ones that are really only decorative and others that are supremely comfortable.

There is a catalog out there you all should sign up to receive. It’s called
Ballard Designs and it is full of up-to-minute styling for all sorts of things. Their current catalog has a display of multiple chairs on the cover available in different fabrics and finishes. Some of them may seem a little pricey but they sure can give you a jumping off point to figure out something creative for yourself.

I went to my favorite discount stops like
Tuesday Morning and Marshalls and took some photos for inspiration. Haven’t you always wished you had one more great side chair you can pull away from the corner to seat that extra guest or use for a nice accent? I know all my clients always like this idea and here is your chance to make that happen!!

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