NYC Apartment Redo OR We Can Just Call It Emily's Place

Adrienne’s best friend, Emily T. lives in a charming two bedroom apartment on the Upper East Side in New York City. She has lived there a number of years and while she was considering moving to a new apartment, she recently made the decision to stay put. SO, Emily was kind enough to ask for my help in redecorating her space and I was so happy to help.

I traveled to the city in December (perfect for NYC – all the decorations are up and the restaurants are lighted and the snowflakes on Saks Fifth Avenue are fabulous). Adrienne came in from Boston and we got to work.

I visited Emily on a Saturday morning and spent about 3 hours talking to her about how she lived, what she wished for in her apartment and her budget. Then, after asking her a ton of questions, I came up with a plan. We took a lot of “before” photos for you and as we make progress I will keep you updated.

PAINT: Emily knew her paint colors were not cohesive, so that is the first thing we worked on. In NYC, the apartments are very small and each room opens to the next so when you are sitting in the living room, you are also sort of sitting in the kitchen and powder room and bedroom too. You can close doors, but that really makes the space smaller.

As shown in the first photo below, Emily’s living room is painted a lovely butter yellow color - when I complimented her on the choice she responded “Well, you picked it.” I did remember Adrienne and I had helped her a bit a while back. Her main bedroom is painted a deep grey rose color and the den is a sky blue (bottom two photos), so the paint colors needed to be coordinated a bit better.

I suggested she paint the den a deep golden yellow color as in Benjamin Moore’s Concord Ivory (HC 12) or Cream Yellow (2155-60). These are deeper yellows but still complimentary.

Her bedroom linens are a pretty pale pinky taupe in a sleek box pattern and I suggested we paint that room a light mocha color like Benjamin Moore’s Light Mocha (2096-60) or Frosted Cafe (2098-70). These colors are pale but they will lighten up the space considerable since she has only one very narrow, tall window.

I suggested she begin with the paints and as time progresses, we will build on some accessory ideas. Stay tuned, we will keep working on this and it soon will be a beautiful, relaxing space.

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