Becky is a Baba!!

Yes, the best thing ever has happened – my son and his wife had our first grandchild on Tuesday, June 1. Little Jackson Daniel West arrived 3 ½ weeks early but he was perfect and healthy and of course that IS the best news there is!

Mike and I were able to travel to California to meet Baby J only a few days after his arrival and we got to help take care of him when he arrived home from the hospital. He was a teensy baby at first, something with which I had no experience as my two babies were each over 8 lbs. We had to wake him to feed him and of course, like every newborn, a few sips of a bottle and back to sleep he would go! It was comically challenging trying to wake him and keep him awake, but we all did it!

I actually told Andy and Stephanie a story about how I used to wake Andy up when he would fall asleep at inopportune times. Thirty two years ago, I had a good friend who had a baby just a few months older than Andy and in the afternoons, we would often get together to have some fun while the babies napped. Anyway, Andy would often fall asleep in the car on the 8 minute commute to my friend’s house. That meant when we got there he would be wide awake and refuse to nap. So, on more than one occasion in the winter when he would fall asleep, I would pull the car over and get snow off the windshield and gently pat it on his face to wake him. It would really work – he would be awake for the rest of the drive, then nap at Renee’s house.

Well, I guess I should’ve never told the story since Andy was horrified but hey, it worked/ I told them to use cool water on a washcloth and gently wash the baby’s face and that woke up Baby J every time. So frankly, what’s the difference, I say?

Here are some photos of our new grandson for you to enjoy!

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