Mom and Alice

Well, many of you have asked for more on Mom and here is another fun story. As you can imagine, Mom has lost many of her friends and family – she is after all 85 and many of her cronies are not blessed with her great genetics and good health.

Anyway, since her sister-in-law and pal is now in an assisted living place, Mom has been spending more time with an old friend, Alice. Alice had a large family like ours and we have known them for years. Currently Mom and Alice have “re-discovered” each other and have been spending a lot of fun time together.

On Friday’s they go for “fish” at our local Slovak home. This is after all, Lorain, the land of nationalities that each year sponsors a “princess” in the annual International Day Parade. No, I was never a princess but my sister Bonnie sure was the Macedonian Princess of 1975. Another story.

A few weeks ago, Mom made her usual call to Alice on Thursday evening to check on fish Friday and Alice did not answer. So, Mom called Alice’s daughter-in-law and was told Alice was in the hospital, suffering from shortness of breath. I ask Mom what the treatment was and she said, “they gave her a colostomy” and I said “Mom, are you sure? That doesn’t sound like treatment for a breathing problem.” The Mom says, “Oh, what’s that other thing that sounds like that” and I responded with “a colonoscopy?” Mom says yes and again I said I didn’t think that made any sense either.

Now, Mom is impatient with me for questioning her and she says,” Hell, I don’t know, maybe she breathes out her ass.” I laughed so hard I cried.

The story goes on – Alice is released from the hospital and proceeds to break her toe. Mom is trying to reach her and calls her cell phone. Alice, (who is 86) has a voicemail recording that says, “This is Alice, I am at the Irish Pub, LEAVE ME ALONE!

So, Mom is now hanging out with a friend that shares her great sense of humor. How much more can you ask for at 85 years of age? May we all be so blessed!

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