Introducing Baby Andy

Our family has been very blessed this year with the births of two healthy grandsons. Our second grandson, Andrew Joseph was born on Oct. 2 to our daughter Adrienne and her husband, Jim.

Baby Andy was born a week past his due date and was a long time coming. He simply was enjoying himself too much right where he was and it took a lot of coaxing and time to get him to come out and meet his new world. But, eventually he did and he is beautiful and healthy and sweet.

I was fortunate to be in Boston to meet him immediately after his birth and to hold him at once. He weighed 8lbs. 3oz. and you definitely forget how tiny that is, even though that is a very good weight for a newborn. I visited with the new family for a week and it was magical, seeing him change a bit every day, being able to hold him anytime I wanted, and marveling at how great our daughter is doing both physically and mentally (she is SO much more together as a first-time mom than I ever was, that’s for sure).

Of course his days and nights are beginning to get scrambled – they fool you that first week since they sleep so much and I am sure Adrienne and Jimmy have a lot in store for them in the coming weeks but they can handle it!

Another thing I have noticed with my son and son-in-law – this generation of new fathers is miraculous. They are so interested in every aspect of baby care, are sad if they cannot spend enough time with the baby and are able to take time from work for paternity leave. When I had our two children, Mike was with me at the hospital and then brought me home and went back to work. In those days the moms’ had the responsibility of caring for the baby – well thank goodness NOT ANY MORE! These dads are amazing and loving and just so very, very proud to be part of it all.

Baby Andy is the luckiest little guy of all since he has two parents that love him and each other so much and is also living in a totally cool apartment in Boston with a park around the corner!! Can’t wait until Thanksgiving when we will all be back in Cincinnati and the new cousins, Jackson (born June 1) and little Andy will get to meet each other!

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