Flowers to Make You Smile

I am sitting here in the intense heat and decided to stop complaining about it and Google one my favorite subjects – FRESH FLOWERS. Of course there are a zillion and one ways to combine flowers to make all types of different arrangements, but let me narrow it down a bit.

Let’s talk about just plain pretty arrangements for any table – not gigantic, showy arrangements but pleasing ones you can place anywhere. I really love the look of different flowers all in the same color family. It makes for a cohesive arrangement that is more subtle but has depth when you examine all the different varieties. If you ever watch the Barefoot Contessa on the Food Network, you will see she is a fan of solid color arrangements, usually in all white or orange. She will often use the same flower over and over in a large cluster, but I prefer different flowers.

You can really use any container, from plain glass where you see the stems, to a pottery piece or my favorite – something different you own, like a small tureen or pitcher or even your gravy boat you haven’t had out since Thanksgiving. Use your imagination. Fill the container with water, arrange the flowers in your hand to gather a perfect bouquet, freshly cut the stems, then place them in the water. You may need a few adjustments, but you can do it!

Here in Cincinnati, we have a number of good florists, but a truly special one is Robin Wood. Visit her amazing website to order, get amazing ideas and view her photo gallery. The pair of photos on this page are from her website and perfectly illustrate the single color theme.

Keep cool and think “flowery” thoughts!

Photos from Robin Wood Flowers

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