Real Life Recipe Stories Part II

Over the years, I tried to teach my children to cook and my son enjoyed it more than my daughter. I would have him make dessert every Sunday, his choice, and he did like doing that. When I tried to get him to make something like chicken breasts, he freaked out at the look of raw poultry. I know a lot of adults who won’t get near a raw turkey, let alone sticktheir hands into it to pull out who knows what – so this didn’t surprise me.

My daughter was a different story. She had absolutely no interest in cooking, other than making the standard (ugh!) macaroni and cheese from the box, but she did like to make waffles on Saturday mornings for her sleepover friends. It wasn’t until she got to college and as a senior moved into a house with a gang of other girls that she suddenly became interested. It really was the first time she had to feed herself and she knew she liked good food. I began to send her my best recipes. She was very interested in art so I sent the recipes on notecards with famous paintings, which she loved and still has in a little box in her kitchen. I would write out the recipe and then in that space where you would generally say “Recipe from the kitchen of” I would always write a silly word followed by Becky or Mom as in "Charming Becky" or "Marvelous Mommy" or "Delectable Becky B". At the end of the recipe I would make a comment - for instance “this recipe serves 4 unless Dad is home and then it only serves 2”. Or on the lasagna recipe card I put, “this recipe is so Italian, it makes me want to sing Mama Mia.” You get the picture. I figure long after I am gone, she will have these to chuckle over. Happy Eating!


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