What's in a Name?

Welcome to Becky Knows Everything’s first official blog posting. Wow, so many things I think I know everything about! Let’s start with the naming of my website. We had so much funny input from friends and family and total strangers. We had a great list of charming names, but as we tried to register them they seemed to all be taken. We tried out Beckystyle, BeckyB, Beckylovescake, Beckysbrightidea, Beckylovesbernie (I don’t really know anyone named Bernie but I did like that TV show from long ago). And by the way, some of these weren’t already taken – they were just bad.

My daughter’s original idea was to name the site Beckyknowseverything and while I chuckled at the notion the first time I heard it, it really grew on me, since frankly, I do think I know a lot about certain things. Like for instance, whenever I see a store or restaurant open and then fail months later, I always say – “Why didn’t they just ask me?” I would have told them it was a poor location or the community wouldn’t support them. I feel I have a real handle on what works. We also could have named the site www.beckyisneverwrong.com since I have convinced myself and many others I know what’s what. For sure, my family wouldn’t agree that I am never wrong but I feel it’s the confidence that works. I find knowing everything or acting like you do is really reassuring to people, especially my interior design clients who trust me with their personal spaces and their wallets. Sometimes people hire you just SO you will tell them what to do. I love those types.

I am not so sure how to end today’s entry but here goes – Becky doesn’t know everything but she will absolutely tell you her opinion (generally in a nice way) and isn’t that a good thing? Talk to you tomorrow.

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