Becky's Guest Room List

So if you’ve been reading the blog you know that we’ve been working on a design project for a former client of mine. We started off talking about bedding and paint colors for her guest rooms and then moved on to accessories and the bathroom. This got me thinking about a number of things you might want to have on hand to make your guests feel comfortable.

Becky Knows Everything Guest Room List

1. Provide pretty soaps, lotions, etc. in the bath – you might also have a new toothbrush, dental floss, and toothpaste available.

2. Have a warm blanket and extra pillow in the closet – remember this is like a hotel.

3. Provide a nice decorated box filled with CANDY and shortbread and nuts and some bottles of water.

4. In that same box, put a mini book light so one guest can read while the other sleeps (or as in my case, snores).

5. A fan is my favorite thing, since it can cool you off and provide the essential background noise.

6. Depending on the guest, provide some reading material – I mean something fun like a “National Enquirer” or the latest issue of “People” or a trashy paperback.

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