More About Emily's Redo

For all of you who are following Emily's NYC apartment redo here is a quick update.

While I was in NYC, I showed Emily a catalog I often refer to called
Home Decorators Collection. It has some unusual and interesting accessories and some hard to find items too. They also showcase a large rug collection. The prices are fair and I have been generally happy with the quality. Emily chose a 6x8 rug with a black field (in designer speak this means background) with an updated white swirl pattern called Scroll. Since black is our classy accent color, it looks like the perfect choice. I would caution you on the Persian patterned rugs, since the colors are not always what you think they will be!

While shopping last week Emily went into Pier1 and coincidentally so did I! I was so happy to find that we both selected the same side chairs to replace her really, really old and really, really worn green club chair she has now. (Sorry, Em) SO! The big news is that we are moving forward, the rug is ready to be ordered and the chairs will get another look from Emily and she will choose her favorite. I personally loved all three she selected. AND Pier One is having a giant sale right now on all their furnishings!!

I was also recently at HomeGoods and found another fabulous chair for her that would work great as well. It was also selling at a nice price. Now we've got the paint, the rug, and the chair situations figured out.


Anonymous said...

Great chair options. I was just at Pier1 and the sale prices are great. Kim

Patty said...

hey, your blog is awesome! you are are still the creative and crazy dear friend i miss so very much. have a great time at your dinner party tonight. i know they'll love your cooking!!!!
also how do i look at recipes you've posted over the past months?

BECKY B. said...

Hey Patty - If you click on the category "Becky's Recipes" (on the right hand side of the page), you can see all of the recipes I've shared!