Becky (Baba) and Jackson Together Again

Recently I traveled to Boston to help Adrienne get ready for the arrival of her first baby, due at the end of Sept. My fun trip became even better with the announcement that Stephanie and my first grandson, Jackson Daniel West Barras, were also coming. For my birthday, Mike arranged for Stephanie and Jackson to travel from LA to Boston. Adrienne was even happier than I was as she had never met Baby J. before.

Well, we had just the best time. Stephanie pretty much had to give up any control of the baby as Adie, me and her husband Jimmy were always eager to hold him and feed him and play with him and pretty much just stare at him! He is of course the cutest baby in the universe (and will be joined by his cousin very soon). He was 11 weeks old when we saw him and he is just that perfect combination of smiles, and chubbiness and he will always fall asleep with his little face in your neck and HE SMELLS GOOD TOO!

We took Jackson everywhere – shopping, out to lovely lunches and for a few nice walks to Boston’s fancy baby stores. He just took it all in stride, never complaining unless he was hungry (every three-four hours) and wow, that was a show. He would go from the calm, peacefulness of sleep to the full volume of hunger, with the clenched fists, and kicking in frustration and the cry. Of course he was even more adorable then and we all argued over who got to feed him.

We took him to get his first professional photos taken and he was so cute in his white t-shirt and jeans and I can’t wait to see the prints. Anyway, a new blog will come soon on Adie’s baby’s room, but I just had to be the typical grandmother and talk about Baby J.

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