Vicki and Pudgie - The Annual Summer Visit

Yes, Pudgie and Vicki, my college friends of 40 years returned to Rochester for the THIRD time for a recent visit. This makes three summers in a row these two have traveled from Cleveland and Middletown, OH to visit Mike and me. Apparently there is some attraction here of which I am completely unaware!

Could it be my cooking? Neither of these two (especially Pudgie) are really into cooking. Vicki has a super retired husband that COOKS AND CLEANS AND GROCERY SHOPS. What the hell is this? Mike has been in the grocery two times in 38 year – when I had the two kids. And then he complained that my list was not aisle by aisle and he managed to run into two food displays and topple them!

Anyway, I tried my best to make Pudgie and Vicki some delicious dinners and a few appetizers that were new. I made a good chicken, tomato and angel hair dish and a sausage appetizer from my favorite Cincinnati cookbook, “When Pigs Fly.”

We did the usual – one afternoon in my neighborhood and one day in Canandaigua at the gigantic
TJ Maxx/Homegoods and the casino (Pudgie was the winner). After shopping, we had a very nice lunch at the New York Culinary Institute. On Sunday we shopped locally again and had a great time. I made my favorite brunch dish, Macadamia Nut French Toast, with sausage on the side.

These two are the BEST HOUSEGUESTS! They entertain each other if I am busy cooking or go to bed early. They eat anything I make and they also make me laugh all the time. We always reminisce about our goofy college days (Pudgie was really quite wild) and we call our other old college friends to see what’s going on. I guess it’s no surprise they rarely answer the phone! Anyway, I feel so happy when they come. Having such good friends for such a long time is the best blessing of all! I hope all of you have true friends like these – they like the people you like, they share their real lives and they love you no matter what!

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