Vicki and Pudgie Come to Town

Pudgie and Vicki are two of my dearest long-time friends. We all met as college freshman 40 years ago attending a private, female only religious school – we sure were happy to meet those cute boys at neighboring Xavier U. Pudgie and Vicki were assigned roommates that first year and very quickly became good friends. A lot of people wanted to be friends with Pudge since she had a very cute brother at XU and we figured she could be of great benefit to us. This is way before the phrase “hooking up” ever existed.

I happened to room with a high school friend of Vicki’s and was lucky enough to be included in their group. I lived on a different, and frankly way cooler floor, (yes, there was only one dorm) but spent a lot of time hiding in their closet when the floor supervisor (a tightly wound nun) did her “bed checks.” I wonder what they would call “bed checks” now?

We drank too much beer, laughed way too hard, watched “All My Children” each day (Susan Lucci was 16!!) and had a ton of fun – which we are still having. Pudgie even pierced my ears one night after I was asked to leave French class for laughing too much.

Since I left Cincinnati 4 years ago, Pudgie and Vicki have come to visit me each summer. The first year they came to N. Washington, visited Pike’s Place Market and enjoyed the beauty of the Northwest. For the past 3 summers they have come to Rochester.

Each year, as a good hostess, I try to make a “plan.” Each year I am determined to show them the local highlights. Each year they decline. Once again this year I offered to take them to Niagara Falls. The Canadian side is very cool and there is this great boat tour that goes under the Falls. My sister and I did it last summer, we got soaked but it was fun. Vicki said “do you get wet?” and when the response was “yes” she said “no.”

Next I proposed a tour of the
Corning Museum of Glass and they said it was too far (it’s only 1 ½ hours away).

Then I had another great idea - the
Mackenzie-Childs Factory and Showroom are not far. No thanks again. They are very polite.

Next, I offered the George Eastman House (the founder of Eastman-Kodak) — remember when Paul McCartney married Linda Eastman and everyone said she was the daughter of the founder of Kodak—ok, not true. In case you were wondering, that idea received a big no too.

My last idea was a walking tour of the Erie Canal given by my husband. I made the mistake of telling them he likes to sing “15 Miles on the Erie Canal” as he gives the tour. Boy, they declined that one in a hurry, even though I threw in ice cream at the end!

So, we did what we always do – sat on my porch and laughed and shared memories in between trips to the local casino, the mall and the discount stores. It was great!

*Becky Knows Everything: We made Becky’s Perfect Pizza one night for dinner and Vicki’s looked so good it was photographed for the blog.


Vicki said...

Hey Girlfriend,
I am laughing so hard I am crying. Your blog was hilarious. You absolutely have a gift for writing. You basically summed up our trip in a nutshell. And I loved the way you provided the background information (from 40 years ago to the present). I believe I see a book deal in your future. -Vicki

BECKY B. said...

Thanks Vicki! I am so glad you guys came for a visit. I am already thinking of things we can do next year in Rochester.