Let's Talk Toile

Toile de Jouy is a style of cotton chintz fabric with origins in France (think 18th-19th century). It is characterized with a color scheme of either red, blue or green scenic patterns on a cream background. There are other colors out there now, like black and brown or red/yellow combinations, but they are not the original toile colors.

Pictorial scenes of people, flowers or animals are featured. Toile is still so prominently used today in elegant and casual traditional design because the limited palette allows a designer to easily combine it with other patterns - large checks, plaids or ticking stripes in the same color/cream palette are the most common.

While the patterns can be very busy, the eye sees a simpler look because of the monochromatic color, not a bold vibrancy of too many patterns and colors. Toile de Jouy is utilized everywhere in today’s design, from fabrics for draperies, pillows, bedding, and upholstery to dinnerware, wall-coverings, lamps and shades, table linens and even accent pieces like clocks or frames.

Personally, I love toile – it makes me happy to see it and I often study the pattern to see the layers of interesting details. It is the epitome of French Country Style which opts for a harmonious blend of multiple patterns, rustic yet refined.

If your home is decorated in a traditional style or you want to add a French touch, try a toile. It will work with almost anything and perhaps jump-start your new décor direction.

Let Toile de Jouy bring you JOY today!

*Becky Knows Everything: There are even toile fabrics found in clothing –try to resist, unless it is a cute baby dress or an apron. We don’t really want to dress like our window treatments, do we?

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