My Beading Career

After much consideration (well...ok, not really) I have decided to resume my beading career. OK, I never actually HAD a beading career but I always knew I could’ve had one.

Here’s how I got into beading. About 8 years ago my Baseball Mom’s group (corny name but we have been friends for a very long time) spent an evening at a new bead shop sort of as a “field trip” before we went out for drinks and dinner. We all paid a fee and a patient instructor tried her best to teach us, amidst our laughter and mockery, to make a bracelet and earrings.

Boy, did we think we were creative. Some of us actually used TWO bead colors and different shapes. We all managed to produce something. I wore my earrings until they broke but I still have my bracelet. For my birthday that summer, my friend Sue surprised me with my own beading tools, tray and instruction booklet. I was 50 when this happened and I still haven’t produced a thing and believe me, 50 is SO in my past.

When Pudgie and Vicki visited recently we went to quite a few specialty stores and whenever I see the beaded jewelry I always know I could make it. I mean I’m creative, I’m smart, and I know color and design, right?

So, I pulled out my beading tools and went to Michael’s, the craft store. When did Martha Stewart explode in there? Where did all those beads come from? Every color, shape and size, and every style imaginable. And pricey, too. I saw photos of ideas, like beaded candles and pillows and fruit, Styrofoam shapes, ornaments, hair jewelry and even glassware. And the “findings” (the parts you need to put it all together) – so many, many choices. Did you know you could even make your own beads from polymer clay that you bake in a TOASTER OVEN? Sounds like Girl Scouts to me.

Well, I am starting with a simple necklace. When I get it finished and win an award for it (I have confidence), I will take a photo and show it to you. Keep reading, you can always say you knew me when.

*Becky Knows Everything: OK, all of you watch out – one year I learned to knit and everyone I know got a scarf for Christmas. This year – beaded bracelets for all!! (Or maybe a pair of flip flops for my really loyal readers).


Eva Gallant said...

50 is so far behind me. I can.t even catch a glimpse of it on the horizon in my rearview mirror!

About Becky said...

Eva, thanks for commenting on my blog. I hope you enjoyed my post. It's nice to know I am not the only one who has left 50 in the dust.