Goodie Bag for a Goodie Friend

Teri F. writes, “My dear friend just had hip replacement surgery and I want to visit her at home and surprise her with a fun gift. Do you have any ideas?”

Of course I have some ideas! Here are a few things to try:

Reading materials that suit your friend – when I had back surgery my good friend brought me “The National Enquirer” and a few other trashy magazines AND a big bag of M&M’s. Of course, stick to more mainstream publications, or even a new cookbook – you know cooks read them like regular books. Also, pretty much every popular star on the
Food Network now has a magazine, so that is a good choice.

How about a pretty scented candle, like the aromatherapy ones? There are also some special “friendship” votives out there now with verses on the side with blessings.

You could also give her a new pretty nightgown – she may want a change from all her regular ones.

Try the new indoor “wind-chimes.” You don’t need the wind, as they operate on batteries or as plug-ins. They will chime at intervals and it is a very peaceful sound.

Speaking of peaceful sounds, what about a CD with instrumentals or nature sounds? Or a new movie just out on DVD?

Does your friend have grandchildren or youngsters in her life? Buy Connect Four, a fun game she can play with a child or an adult while still lying in bed. Or buy a fun card game.

Nail polish and polish remover strips are another great option. If your friend gets her nails done, she may not be able to get to the salon and want to do them at home.

I know…she may want to get into beading like me! Buy her the tray, tools and a few packets of beads. She may thank you with a new pair of earrings.

My best advice is to think of your friend and her hobbies – let what she truly enjoys be your guide.


Ann said...

I love your site. Your sense of humor is something else. -Ann

BECKY B. said...

I am so glad you are loving the site! Makes me so happy.