Home Reflection

Currently, living where I do in upstate New York and not knowing too many people, I am doing design consulting work only. There are a few things I have learned along the way - no matter what state I lived in or what the economic times were, the things I've listed below always seem to resonate.

1. Some things never change. Your home will always be a reflection of you and your style, whether you think it is "finished" or not.

2. The things you hold dear will not change - your family photos, special holiday decorations, etc. will always renew your spirit.

3. The colors you liked in your 20's will be the colors you like in your 50's (at least a version of them, maybe combined with something else).

4. Your current accessories do have a special meaning and they will stay on your bookshelves, if you are smart. Of course we all buy an occasional "turkey" but that is only a temporary setback. The best stuff stays.

5. When you hear people say your house looks just like you, that is a huge compliment and should be taken as such. Try not to think of the dresser in your bedroom that is so messy you can hardly open the drawers - no one has seen it but you.

6. When you are decorating your home, remember that each space can tell a story and your foyer is really the most interesting place. It can say "Welcome" or it can say "Wow, a boring person lives here." It can also say, "This homeowner needs a designer." If that's the case, hire one.

7. Details are what it is all about. I admit I am a nut for details. I try not to be too obsessive - like if the fringe on the pillow is 1/2" too long, I can deal with it. Just remember, it's the details that will make your space special.

8. Hang your artwork - I have had guests come into my house and say to each other, "Why don't WE have anything hanging?" Your artwork and its placement tells the story of "you" and it is really OK (no matter what the man of house says), to pound more than one nail to get the picture exactly where you want it. Do these projects when your partner is out of town.

9. You will continually go back to the same look. Most people are not all that trendy. They want furnishings that are functional and comfortable and make them feel good. This applies to all ages. If you like a classic look, but with an updated finish (i.e. a faux paint look), you will always be drawn to the same type of item. That is good - you know what you want. I have found most clients might not know exactly what they want, but they do know what they don't want and that is fine.

10. Trust your own instincts and stick with them. It may be difficult to mesh everything with a new roommate or husband or whatever, but if you can find a way to compromise, you will do great.

Your home is your base, your foundation. It doesn't matter if it is an apartment or a mansion, your space IS you and you can create the perfect, reflective home if you give yourself the time to make mistakes and figure it all out. Building your home and gathering your accessories can take a lifetime - but oh, how much fun you will have!

Photos by Elle Decor.

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