Autumn Pleasures

Autumn is my favorite time of year. The elements that infuse autumn are multiple, layering upon one another to create a spectacular season. From food to scents to colors to sports to decorations, the layers culminate in an appeal to the senses that is overwhelmingly special.

Let’s start with food: I will say it straight out – I LOVE PUMPKIN! I enjoy pumpkin pie, pumpkin cheesecake, pumpkin praline torte, even pumpkin fudge. The fact that I only eat pumpkin at this time of the year makes me crave it even more. Among other fall culinary treats are apple crisp, apple cake and pretty much warm apple anything – but frankly apples take a back seat to pumpkin hands down.

Scents: Not only do the special aromas of baking accompany fall, but there are also those delicious smelling spicy candles, nutmeg scented with a hint of cloves and cinnamon. These wonderful candle scents fill your home and make you feel so warm and cozy. Put some apple cider in the crockpot with some cinnamon sticks and orange peels and you will not only get a tasty drink, but your home will smell great. And don’t forget the wonderful smell of the outdoors on a crisp day.

Colors: Oh the colors! Orange, a color not ordinarily a decorating front runner, suddenly seems to work with everything in your home at this time of year. When orange mingles with brown, cinnamon, gold and green the results are amazing. When the interior of your home reflects the natural beauty outside your window, you know you are onto something.

Sports: I would leave it at “Go Bucks” since that is what is important in my house, but I do have a few great memories of fall high school sports. Football in our area was paramount and the parents enjoyed it as much as the kids. Each Friday of a home game, the football parents were allowed in the stadium early to save our seats for the evening contest. By saving, I mean we brought masking tape and blankets and taped the blankets to the bleachers early in the a.m. (I’m talking 7:00). Then, of course we would go to breakfast. When the gates opened in the evening we were all set. Fall sports also meant Saturday mornings at cross country meets cheering on my daughter and her team. Cool, crisp autumn days – how glorious it all was!

Decorations: Do it up big! Drape your doorway with leaf garlands. Take down that spring wreath that has been up for 7 months and replace it with a fall decoration. Buy some new cocktail napkins with an autumn theme and get out your leaf plates and placemats too. Put a decorative pumpkin basket in your powder room filled with spicy potpourri! Fall decorations are timeless and will lead us right into Thanksgiving.

*Becky Knows Everything: One other special memory – each year my Uncle George would remove his dentures and replace them with caramel corn. How we kids all loved that!

Photos from Pottery Barn

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