86 and Driving 4 More Years

Well, here you go – Mom’s birthday is coming up in early March and last week she went to take her driving test as her license was expiring. Guess what? The streets of Northern Ohio better look out because Mom passed her eye exam and she is cleared for ANOTHER FOUR YEARS.

This means Mom can drive until she is NINETY YEARS OLD. She was so excited to tell me her good news. Mom has a hearing problem and “one bad eye” as she puts it, but the state of Ohio apparently thought she had the talent to renew her license. Of course, there is no actual driving test with the parallel parking bit that gave me fits at 16, but she did have to pass the eye exam.

A few months ago she finally asked her doctor for a handicapped sticker for her car since her ability to walk long distances is failing, but boy, she held out as long as she could. She has new plans now – she is going all the way out to San Francisco to visit my sister, she has ANOTHER ladies group to lunch with and who cares if all her friends have health problems –dementia, heart disease to name a few. She prays for them, visits them and then off she goes to the hairdresser, lunch appointments, the Moose Lodge for bingo and doughnuts, all the while keeping her sense of humor intact.

Just one word of caution – don’t be calling Mom on a Saturday night at 7, the Lawrence Welk Show is on and there is no answering the phone for her.

I know our family is so blessed to have Mom and we really are so thankful for her. May all of you with elderly Moms have the good fortune we have!

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