Los Angeles - a Trip to Remember

A few weeks ago, Mike and I traveled to Los Angeles to visit our son, daughter-in-law and grandson, Jackson. Well, we had the best time ever. The weather in upstate NY when we left was about 10 degrees and our week in LA was perfect –78 degrees each and every day.

My sister Bonnie, who lives in N. California, came for the weekend and Stephanie took us on the grand Hollywood tour. Andy and Steph have lived out there for 6 years and Stephanie has worked for a producer and was an assistant to a TV/movie star – so she knows where to go and how to get there, no easy feat in the LA traffic.

The weekend we were there the Golden Globes celebration was taking place, so we went to the Beverly Hilton for lunch and got to see the whole red carpet set up. We saw Guiliana Ranic from “Entertainment Tonight” (totally thin and sort of pretty), Brad, Rachel Zoe’s ex-assistant sporting his usual bow tie, Christina Hendricks from “Mad Men” and so many others. We saw the people lined up for interviews with signs around their necks of stars’ names so the interviewers could practice their questions, but the best thing of all was we got to see the “red carpet” and took a cute picture of Jackson.

On the “drive-by” tour Stephanie took us on, we saw “Starlight Search” vans loaded with tourists gawking at the homes of TV and movie stars. We were too cool for that, with our own personal tour guide. Stephanie showed us where Jay Leno lived, (huge, huge and gorgeous), Penelope Cruz, (small home on a regular street) and where Tom Cruise holds Katie Holmes captive and so many others.

Alas, eventually we had a tearful good bye, and back to NY we came. We will be seeing Jackson, Andy and Stephanie again in March in Boston, when we all gather for Andy Gerlach’s christening! Can’t wait!!

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