Amazing Moms

I just returned from a long trip to Boston where I visited my daughter, her husband and adorable baby.

I felt compelled to write a blog about this current generation of educated, career moms and all they do. My daughter and her friends battle an incredible schedule of work, baby and family duties which is the norm, not the exception. When my children were babies, I was able to stay home and the most pressure on me was whether I could get to bowling on time on Wednesday mornings and if I could find something to do each day that would get me out of my house. One day I would grocery shop, another day found me at the fresh fruit market, another at the library and I always was home for nap time. My friends and I frowned at the moms who had their babies in Macy’s mid-afternoon, as that was standard nap time for a little one. Wow, how we judged others.

Well it is all different now. A working mom wakes early, goes to the gym before work (are you kidding me?), then comes home, wakes, changes, dresses and feeds her baby while her husband gets ready for work. She packs the baby’s lunch, a clothing change (the daycare really needs this) and all the supplies, then packs her own lunch, figures out a simple breakfast for her husband, and gets herself completely ready as a professional for a long day of her own.

The daddy (if you are lucky) takes the baby to daycare in the stroller or carrier and the mom goes to her office. At the end of the day, the mom takes the bus or subway to pick up the baby where the daycare provides her with a detailed written account of his day. She takes the baby home, makes dinner and keeps the laundry going and apartment clean too! And then, she gets to do it all again the next day.

BUT, there are huge benefits too! While the baby does have the standard daycare runny nose, he is extremely sociable, loves other babies and can sleep through anything. The mom and dad can utilize their exceptional educational backgrounds, feel productive, contribute to society and build a wonderful life together. I am not saying that sometimes there are not enough hours in the day, but we all experience that right?

I know that for generations there have been so many moms that have to work to survive to take care of their families. My hat is off to them and to the current generation of moms that also only want the best for their loved ones.

P.S. I forgot to mention all the rest – grocery shopping, meal planning, haircuts, manicures and pedicures, planting flowers, shopping for your home, your clothing and planning nice things for your friends AND reading the book club book all the while maintaining your home and socializing with friends.


Jen said...

Becky, you raised her right! That girl of yours is amazing, but you should take some credit as well. She could be one of those moms who stays at home and is blah - to each their own of course. But heck no, your girl is the life of the party, the most organized person ever and totally in charge at work. A hat tip to you. Love, JBM

BECKY B. said...

That is so sweet Jen! So nice to see you the other week for our fancy steak lunch!

Anonymous said...

Staying at home does not equate to blah. I feel confident that all stay at home moms would agree.