Mini Munchkin Weekend

Mike and I recently spent a weekend in Milwaukee for a family wedding and we were so blessed to have our entire family there including the two grandsons, Jackson (17 mos.) and Andy (13 mos.) Here is what I learned about babies at that special age:

BABIES LOVE TO CLAP. and they like it even more when you clap for them first. Then they can respond by clapping for themselves. At the wedding when we took the family photo, the bridesmaids and groomsmen all clapped so the babies would smile and they did!

BABIES LOVE TO SPLASH. The bathtub is the happy zone, unless they poop in the tub and they still want to play in the water. Get them out fast!

BABIES GET AS EXASPERATED AS ADULTS. When I would pick up little Andy from his crib, he would carefully hand me his blanket first, then raise his arms. I would put the blanket back in his bed so I could pick him up and he would SIGH, lower his arms and pick his blanket up again, while looking at me like I was not quite bright.

Jackson has an Elmo covering on his tub faucet and each day his mom would repeat over and over, “Who’s this? It’s Elmo. Say Elmo.” Finally one day he just opened his mouth and screamed “ELMO” so she would stop. Very funny and again so exasperated. He knew it was Elmo all along of course.

BABIES WAVE TO STRANGERS. When they are strolling or being carried, babies this age wave and point to people and dogs and cats. The really nice people smile and wave back which the grandparents love.

BABIES CAN RECOGNIZE THEIR OWN MOM AT 100 FEET. And I am not kidding. They can whirl those little heads around and follow where their mom is and God help you if she walks out the door or into another room.

BABIES LET FOOD AND MILK DRIBBLE OUT WHEN THEY DON’T LIKE IT. Nothing polite about this one. I was trying to teach Andy to use his new Elmo sippy cup. I thought I had conquered it until he opened his mouth and all the milk I thought he was swallowing began running down his face. That’s when I said, “Let his mom teach him this one.” They also seem fascinated when they tip the cup upside down and watch the milk dribble out onto the carpet.

JACKSON HAS AN ACTUAL VOCABULARY. Which consists of cookie, Elmo, daddy, Bubba and Moe (his dogs) and something that Stephanie says is “Mama” but sounds a lot like “MMMMM.” He also learned a new word in Milwaukee-key. His Dedo (Mike) managed to misplace the home and car keys TWICE going to events and causing a big ruckus each time, with finger pointing, complaining etc. Then Jackson, sitting quietly in his car seat says “KEY” and we all cracked up. He also knows a lot of other words – I just can’t remember what they are.

BABIES LOVE BOOKS. And they love to have you read to them. Often, its 27 books later and they are still interested but it IS one of the only times they will sit quietly and let you hold them.

SOME BABIES LIKE TO CLIMB ON FURNITURE. Like Andy, who catapults himself onto the cocktail table and sofa and also wants to stand on the dishwasher whenever it is open.

MOST OF THE AFTERNOON TOO. This sentence is all in caps because it is the most important. After all, they need to rest so they have the energy to clap and splash and spill milk and talk!!

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