Becky Knows Everything is Back!!

Hello everyone! I know some or all of you have been wondering where I have been and I am here to tell you BECKY KNOWS EVERYTHING IS BACK!

So many changes have gone on in my life since our last blog so I will try to summarize them for you – we traveled to Cincinnati and to Mom’s house for Thanksgiving, hosted Jimmy and Adie, Baby Andy and Mom for Christmas in Rochester, and I managed to live through Tuesday Morning’s holiday season and a tortuous inventory. Then all the really big news happened! WE FINALLY SOLD OUR HOUSE after showing it 165 times in three years and no, there really was nothing wrong. We were elated at that news as it meant MIKE AND BECKY COULD FINALLY RETURN TO CINCINNATI, which we both consider home.

I learned quite a bit along the way, knowledge I could easily have lived without. For instance, did you know if you show your home 165 times you have to clean it that many times too? I mean really clean it, not just the regular stuff. You can never go out without making the bed or cleaning up the kitchen or sweeping the front walk. I know many of you are really, really neat and keep beautiful, orderly homes 24 hours a day (are you reading this Kathy Schott?) but you surely cannot ALL be that way. This task really drove me nuts – that and having to constantly leave my house on short notice, but we did finally get through it. If I weren’t at Tuesday Morning you could often find me at The Outback’s happy hour killing time while strangers wandered through my home. The Outback’s coconut shrimp is delicious by the way.

The next thing I learned was that it is WAY better to have a company transfer you and the movers pack for you then for you to do it yourself. The hours I spent sorting and donating and selling and packing I will never get back but, we did get to come home in the end.

So now here we are living in a special place in downtown Cincinnati in a high rise with amazing city and river views. It is the perfect size for us. We are near all the new dining and retail development downtown and the best part for Mike is that there are friendly maintenance men who will fix ANYTHING cheerfully and quickly. Actually this is the best part for Becky too as now Mike doesn’t complain, or worse yet try to fix anything himself.

SO, I welcome you all back to BECKY KNOWS EVERYTHNG! Please stay tuned. There is WAY more to come as I have been reuniting with tons of friends and re-launching Becky Barras Interior Design. If you live near the Cincinnati area and need help with your design project, contact me today!


Jen said...

YESSSSSSSS! So glad you're back in action Beckster. In fact, idea for you. How about taking some requests, like, "Dear Becky, want to change up my living room...it's such and such big and is currently filled with zebra printed furniture. Suggestions?" Humor plus help is a win-win for us all. Love JM

Adie said...

Becky, so glad you are back blogging. We have been waiting to hear about your big move to Cincy! Congratulations. Give us recipes and tons of design tips and tricks.