Office at Home Part II

My previous blog on home offices covered the salient, functional points. I ran my interior design business for 18 years from a great office in my lower level – so here is my real-life take on working from my home:

1. If you do not have any scheduled appointments you can stay in your pajamas ALL DAY – or at least until the kids and their friends come home from school or your spouse comes home looking for dinner. And you can return calls and do your paperwork in comfort. Many a day I didn’t get myself together until 3:00 p.m.

2. You will have an outstanding Boss – YOU!

3. On Secretaries Day I always took myself out to lunch or bought myself something special since after all, I was my own secretary.

4. You can surround yourself with beautiful things that are special to you since you aren’t sharing the space. As a designer, I always had beautiful textile samples hanging in my office that I rotated for sheer enjoyment.

5. Make your space welcoming to you. You will spend a lot of time there. One big drawback about a home office is that the work never goes away. It is always waiting for you, unlike an office in a different location that you can leave at night. The advantage is that if you can’t sleep for whatever reason you can just go in and work. I put together many a design board at 2:00 a.m.

6. If you have a small TV on your desk you can always watch what you want to and never share the remote. It’s not a democracy, it’s YOUR space.

7. You can keep candy in your drawer and eat it whenever you want. I guess you can do this in any office but at home you won't run the risk of your co-workers catching you.

8. The best thing about working from home is that you can almost always set your own schedule and you never have to miss an important family event – you know like your daughter’s basketball games!

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Photographer: Tria Giovan
Designer: Jed Johnson

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Sarah said...

Becky - this is so funny. I would love to work from home. Spending they work day in PJs sounds like heaven! - Sarah