Office at Home

This blog originally began as a lengthy informative piece about what you need for a home office. After I wrote it, I realized all you really need to know are a few good basics and here's what they are:

1. A space in your home with a door that closes.

2. A good desk or table to work on.

3. A separate phone line from your home phone or a cell phone that gets good reception. Talking to a client while a child cries or the smoke alarm is going off is really not professional.

4. Storage. A bookcase, baskets, cabinetry – anything you prefer to keep your things organized and the clutter away.

5. A comfortable chair and ottoman for when you need to get away from your desk to read or relax.

6. Good lighting, both task and overhead.

7. Inspiration as in artwork, items you cherish and personal photos.

The trick is to pull all this together in a space that you have painted a color that suits you. Some people like vibrancy, some people like soothing tones. Explore the color palette and choose the color that is right for you. Remember, it’s YOUR office and not a cubicle in a big building where you have no decorating choices.

Photo From PointClickHome
Designer: Candice Olson
Photographer: Brandon Barre

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