Beef and Mushroom for Family and Guests

My dad sent me this recipe when I was a new bride (almost 37 years ago) and I have been making it for that long. It is perfect for family and for guests, just like the title says.

I would make it for my in-laws when they visited from Wisconsin - it makes the house smell fab and needs very little attention so you can serve it whenever it suits you. This feature also makes it perfect for guests, especially people who arrive late (never be late for a dinner party by the way it is too rude) because you can leave it in the oven or crockpot for a long time. Here you go:

3 lb. beef roast ( I have used eye of round, boneless rump roast and even sirloin tip roast. It need not be exactly 3 lbs. and since it will braise for so long it can be a very inexpensive cut too, although I would stay away from using a chuck roast since it is so fatty)
One envelope Lipton Onion Soup mix
One can Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom soup
One soup can of dry sherry (go to the liquor store and buy a bottle and don’t spend more than $6.00).
½ can beef broth (save the other ½ in case you need to thin out the mixture the next day if there are any leftovers)
12-15 mushrooms sliced thinly

Cut the meat into bite-sized chunks – don’t make them so big you cannot fit them in your mouth. Place meat and mushrooms in a crockpot or dutch oven pan. In a separate bowl, mix together remaining ingredients. Pour over meat and mushrooms and stir.

If you are using your crockpot set in on low for about 10 hours. Sometimes I mix it all up, refrigerate it and then put it in the crockpot early the next morning.

If you are using a dutch oven pan, cover and bake at 300 degrees for 3 hours.

Serve over noodles or mashed potatoes with a nice green veggie and salad.

The best thing about this recipe is you do not need to brown the meat first as you do with so many crockpot meals – I mean if you have to go to all the trouble of browning the meat why bother with the crockpot anyway? Seriously, try this recipe. I know some of the ingredients are ones you may have used before, but adding the sherry and broth make this very, very good.


kathy schott said...

Hi Becky

This recipe sounds so good and easy to make!! I like the idea of adding sherry to it. I am planning on making this for my family this weekend - i will let you know the results (both from me and the fam!!) Also, cute plate in the picture - you are so creative!! kathy

Tracy said...

This does look delicious and so easy to make. I have so many crockpot recipes that call for cream of mushroom, but none with sherry. Excellent addition!

BECKY B. said...

Hi Kathy, I think your family will love this. It makes the house smell really good to! Let me know how it goes.

Adie said...

Mom, I made this tonight and it sooo good. I love it. Very easy to make and I'm with Mrs. Schott on the sherry.

Adie said...

Hi mom,
I made this again last night and it was super good. Great recipe. Jen likes how the title is beef and mushroom for family and guest. That is sort of funny. Love you.