Mom's Busy Week

As if turning 85 a few weeks ago wasn’t enough, Mom’s social calendar is packed again this week. As always in our family, every event revolves around FOOD.

Monday: I assume Mom stayed home to rest since she knew the rest of the week was booked so nothing to report.

Tuesday: Mom’s work friends from 25+ years ago meet once a month for lunch. Today it was at one of their favorites “Olive Garden.” Mom loves this place because she says their lasagna is terrific and the portion is huge. Of course Mom is tiny and can only eat a small bit but the rest comes home for another meal, although usually leftovers sit in her fridge for a week or longer (this is a conservative estimate) and then always get pitched. I think she did have some for dinner.

Wednesday: Mom belongs to two churches and she is in a group called “The Sisterhood” at the Macedonian church. The group had 50-60 members when I was growing up but now has about 10. For the members' birthdays they all go out to lunch to celebrate. So, Wednesday was Mom’s birthday luncheon and she chose “Red Lobster.” She was going to choose “Olive Garden” again but even she knew that was lasagna overkill. She ordered the jumbo, deep fried, breaded shrimp, which comes with 12 shrimp. This is so funny since she can probably only eat about 3 or 4. She also ordered the loaded baked potato and had a few of the cheddar biscuits. BUT, never fear because Mom’s friend Olga belongs to “The Sisterhood” and she lives with her brother Bobo and her favorite thing is to take home leftovers. So she took home Mom’s shrimp and the rest of the biscuits. Apparently none of these people have anything resembling a cholesterol problem.

Thursday: Senior day at the other church, St. Mary’s. Lunch last year was $2 and this year has been raised to $5 which is keeping some of the seniors away. I can’t believe you can buy a lunch anywhere for $5 let alone $2. The menu included swiss steak with mushrooms, canned corn and canned beans and of course rolls with butter. Mom said it was all very good. The entertainment was an Irish dancer.

Friday: Each Friday Mom goes “for her hair” then to the Slovak Home for the wait wait,
you guessed it...THE FISH FRY WITH FRIES. She picks up her friend Alice and they go for the perch and coleslaw and fries. And of course, rye bread with butter.

Saturday; Mom is going to St. Mary’s St. Patrick’s Day dinner. Corned beef, cabbage, potatoes, carrots and ROLLS WITH BUTTER and green beer. She will then get the chance to do her favorite thing besides eating – dancing!!

Top of the morning to you, Mom and may the luck of the Irish bring you another healthy year.

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