Manners "R" Us

I took myself out to lunch today and along with myself I took my April issue of Ladies Home Journal for some easy reading. There is an article in the magazine entitled “The Politeness Project” and the author decided to try a “niceness” experiment. Instead of road rage and handling rudeness with greater rudeness (think crabby servers), she decided to be polite to EVERYONE in EVERY SITUATION for a week and see what happened.

Well, I am going to take that challenge myself. Not for an entire week (let’s not get crazy) but for THREE WHOLE DAYS I promise not to honk my horn, snap or sigh at any salesclerks (even the idiotic one), and most of all I promise to handle returns at the store where I work with unimaginable kindness. If the lady at the bank is nasty, I will smile and compliment her necklace. If the horrible, slow driver in front of me doesn’t know what he is doing I will think to myself of my mom and hope someone shows her the same courtesy when she drives the way only an 85 yr. old can. And when the MAN in front of me at the quick checkout line limited to 10 items puts 25 on the belt I will not sigh heavily and make a comment. I capitalized MAN because it always seems to be a man who cannot read the signs.

Anyway, I will let you know soon what happens. Hopefully I can last three days. Should be interesting!


shellyburke said...

You are definitely related to John!! Can not wait to hear how you do after 3 days! Shelly

BECKY B. said...

Haha Sherry! Things are going well so far, but I think I have ground most of my teeth away to nothing.