Finds at a Discount

Hi everyone. Last weekend I made a trip to the Cleveland area to visit my mom. My daughter came in from Boston and my sister from San Francisco and on Saturday we went on a treasure hunt. Our version of treasures, of course.

Have any of you been to the new combination stores - T.J. Maxx combined with Home Goods? In Cincinnati these were two separate stores, but apparently the trend is to combine them into a SUPERSTORE full of all the regular apparel, shoes etc. (including the men’s department, but who cares about that?) and TONS OF FURNITURE AND HOME FURNISHINGS LIKE TOWELS AND LAMPS AND CHAIRS AND CHESTS AND TABLES AND ALL THAT GOOD STUFF. It's like heaven for us houseware types.

My daughter was looking for a cool bedside table that would eventually work with a walnut stained chest and we found the prettiest table ever. It is painted wood (love this type of finish) in a deep green with a glass top and inlaid pattern. It was only $129 and is beautifully detailed. Looks way pricier than $129 and even has a drawer to hide stuff in. Remember Sex and the City? Some REALLY interesting stuff in those bedside table drawers, Miranda. Anyway, get on the internet and find out if you have one of these stores close by, since it is well worth the trip. Look how pretty the little table is!

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