Please Bring an Appetizer

We were invited to a Memorial Day cook-out and I was asked to bring an appetizer. I am always happy to do this. I have a lot of recipes and am always willing to try a new one.

When bringing an appetizer to another home, there are a few things to keep in mind.

1. Try to be on time. Since you are bringing the first course, everyone will be waiting for you and your hostess will be wishing she had asked someone else to do this task if you are late.

2. Give some thought to the food preparation. Can you heat your dish at home and reheat it in the microwave at the party or should you just stick to a cold snack? Remember, there isn’t always room in the oven, nor will the temperature be correct if the hostess is preparing the main dishes.

3. Bring your own serving platter, small spreading knife, toothpicks or whatever you need. A busy hostess should not have to stop and find things for you – after all you’re trying to help out.

4. If you are invited for dinner, bring something lighter or that will compliment the menu. Your dish is adding to the dining experience, it is not the focal point. I once had a guest bring baked stuffed shells, covered in marinara sauce and cheese as an appetizer. She served it on my dinner plates. Next time she came to my house I asked her to bring wine.

5. Be gracious and ask the hostess if she would like to keep any leftovers – yes, even if you were planning on serving them for your husband’s lunch the next day.

6. Check out upcoming blogs for easy to make and take appetizers.

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