Becky Hits 100

Ok, Becky herself isn’t 100 (although she sometimes feels like it) but BECKY KNOWS EVERYTHING is officially hitting 100 with this blog posting!

The adventure of BECKY KNOWS EVERYTHING has been amazing. With Adrienne’s encouragement (and constant support), I am thrilled to say we have been in existence for a year. And what a year it has been. I have been able to reconnect and stay in touch with a medley of friends and family. So many readers have sent in questions and offered recipes and ideas - it has been overwhelming at times. My grateful thanks to all of you.

I could come up with 100 reasons the blog has been interesting and fun for me. Chief among them is that I finally learned how to “attach” a photo or file on the computer (this took Adrienne about 6 patient tries to teach me - she only was JUST beginning to get exasperated) and I learned how to use my camera. The photos you see on the site have mostly all been taken by me in my kitchen. I also learned how to leave comments on other blogs (and would love for all of you to leave even more comments on mine) and how to ask companies for access to their products and photos. I found I cannot possibly type and talk on the phone at the same time, although generally I can eat and talk and drink and type all at once. I can do everything while I drive including put on lipstick and yell at other drivers. I guess I am going off topic a bit here...

Anyway, over the last year we have discussed so many recipes and cooking techniques, design ideas and of course there is always my personal opinion on everything else. Just ask me, I will tell you what I think! I have enjoyed reading blogs from other writers - all a new world to me once I started my own. I am so looking forward to the next 100 posts and I will rely on your constant support and questions to keep me going! May the coming year bring us all fresh insight into our lives, a new grandbaby for me, and a mutual respect for everyone we meet. Again, my thanks and appreciation go out to all of you. Love, Becky


Adie said...

Congratulations mom! This is so exciting! Excellent work.

Emily said...

Congratulations on your 100th post Mrs. B!
Your blog is beautiful to look at, hilarious and informative to read, and a constant inspiration to those of us striving to make our homes easier on the eyes and our food more delicious to eat!
Looking forward to reading the next 100 posts and congratulations on your first year!!

Jimmy said...

I've been with you since the begginning. I have seen BKE go through so much growth - BKE used to just be a dream in an excel spreadsheet, then a site on godaddy, and now an awesome blog. Congratulations. - Former founder and CEO of Jimmyjag.com