A Good Egg

I have loved the requests for more “MOM” stories which makes me know you are reading and enjoying them. Here is the latest:

First, an update on Mom and the pacemaker – she does not need one and she has been declaring to anyone who will listen that she knew she was right all along!!

Her latest medical adventure (after the doctor admitted no pacemaker was necessary), involved a test on her carotid artery. Mom was convinced the doctor was just looking for something to be wrong but she went along with it all. My sister and I debated on whether I should go home but Mom asked her elderly friends at “The Moose Hall” and they convinced her that she could take care of this herself. Her friends are now all so old, they feel they have multiple medical degrees and all the right info. They surely do know every test and how it goes and Mom is a BELIEVER.

So, Mom went to the test alone. She was concerned about her hearing aids getting in the way, but the technician assured her she was fine and admonished her to “Please stop talking”. Mom said they put some gel like substance on her neck and used a tool to “scan” both sides. Pretty anti-climatic if you ask me. She came away without any results, but that is typical I guess.

Anyway 2-3 weeks later she had not heard anything from the cardiologist about the test results, but she had an appointment with her internist. Of course, HE had the test results and this ticked off Mom. Why did they let him know and not her? Of course, no answer to that, but she did have good news.

Mom actually called me (this is a very, very rare occurrence and usually involves a death notice about another elderly relative or friend) so when I saw her name on the caller ID I was a bit concerned. But, not to worry – mom was actually very excited about the news she received. The doctor told her she would live to be 99 and all her vital signs were excellent. Her only regret was that if she only lives to be 99, she won’t make it on the Today Show’s list of birthdays. Bummer.

Now, to the title of this story -
when I was growing up my Mom always referred to a really good, nice person as a “good egg.” My Mom will be 85 in early March and if there is one thing I know to be true, it is that Mom is one GOOD EGG!

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