Redo Update

Emily, our NYC career girl has been working hard to update her apartment using both my suggestions and her own ideas. I promised to keep you informed so check out these great photos Emily recently sent. She purchased that cute giraffe chair and a gorgeous sofa table from Pier1.

Emily recently asked for help on choosing a lamp. So far, I have only one photo for her but I will keep looking. She needs a lamp WITHOUT a dark shade (yes, I know they are good looking but as a light source the shade blocks too much) and with wattage capability of 150. Wattage of 100 will work in a pinch but 150 is better. The wattage is what causes the search difficulty - to find something fashionable and sharp often the wattages are low - like 60. Pretty much worthless as a real light source, I would consider that ambient light only. Check out the one (so far) lamp suggestion.

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