Spring Smiles

Easter and spring are both rapidly on their way (thank goodness) and I have a few suggestions on how to get that “springy” feeling back in your life.

First, let’s talk candy. Get out your bunny candy dish and fill it with foil eggs. Try not to eat one every time you walk by, but place the dish where you can see it and enjoy the colors. Order yourself some candy (I am partial to solid chocolate bunnies – those ears are YUM) from a place with good candy, like See’s. They have a great, colorful catalog filled with seasonal treats. Get the catalog delivered and you will be so happy. Or better yet, find yourself a wonderful sister like mine who sends candy for every holiday and sometimes just because. You need to find your own sister since mine is taken.

Change out a candle or two. If you usually use plain beige or even a dark color, buy a soft pink or yellow one. So what if it doesn’t match your décor? It’s a holiday thing and anything goes. While you are shopping, buy a new tablecloth or placemats that say spring. Again, they don’t need to match anything else, just make sure they sort of go with your dishes so we don’t have a bad color clash.

Buy some wonderful, floral cocktail napkins and put them on your table next to the candle. The colors and patterns out right now are terrific and inexpensive.

Buy yourself a special floral treat. This time of year the grocery stores are full of heavenly smelling hyacinths in a wonderful array of colors. The periwinkle ones are gorgeous but so are the pink. Or buy a bunch of daffodils, tulips or iris or one of each and mix them all. They will absolutely brighten your day.

The stores like HomeGoods and Tuesday Morning are filled with reasonably priced Easter and spring merchandise. There are wreaths for your door and planters galore. Not to mention the tablecloths, bunny figurines, dishes and candles.

While you are cheering yourself up and brightening your own life, reach out and do the same for someone else. Call a good friend you have lost touch with, send an Easter card with a sweet message or surprise a co-worker with a flower. Bring spring smiles to everyone!


kathy said...

Just got home from work and read your latest entry, it made me feel happy even though the weather here today is cloudy, rainy and chilly!!
I loved all your suggestions and i might just drive to the store and spruce up my kitchen table with new spring placemats!! thanks for the happy thoughts, Becky!

BECKY B. said...

Hey Kathy - thanks for your sweet message. New placemats are always a nice change. Can't wait to see your springy look in a few weeks.