Becky Knows Everything - Not Just a Blog, but a Book Too!

Have I told you about my new book? Not too long ago I told you we were celebrating 100 blogs on BECKY KNOWS EVERYTHING. I had some wonderful reader response and my son and daughter-in-law sent me beautiful notecards with a black chandelier and “BECKY KNOWS EVERYTHING” printed on the front. They were such a nice gift and I have already used most of them! My wonderful sister also sent me a gift certificate to the Outback. My favorite!

My daughter Adrienne pulled of a huge surprise - she HAD ALL 100 BLOGS PRINTED IN A HARDBOUND BOOK FOR ME!! I couldn’t believe it when it arrived in the mail. She used the photos on the website and all the info just as it was originally written. Quite simply, it was the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me.

It’s all in there – photos of Mom and Bonnie and family and friends and recipes with photos and comments too. What a wonderful thing to treasure and hand down to my grandchildren someday. I have taken a photo of my book so I could share it with you. Hope someone in your life brings you as much happiness and support I have received from my family.

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