Spring Smiles Part II

We recently talked about bringing that springy feeling into your life with some inexpensive changes (candles, flowers) and getting some candy too. Here are a few more décor ideas that require a bit more time.

First, no fun, but cleaning up is a good idea. I don’t mean the usual vacuuming thing, but really clean up some of your clutter. Go through those piles of magazines, tear out the things you want to keep (
Bon Appetit here I come) and discard them into the recycle bin. Go to your linen closet, gather up the sheets etc. that no longer have beds to fit or towels that really have no good home and start a Goodwill or Salvation Army box. I think I still have towels from 4 houses ago. They are never used, just saved “in case.” In case of what – 20 people showering at once, or the dryer breaking forever or a flood? You get the picture.

Buy a new colorful throw – I know it is getting warmer but even the spring and summer produce some cool nights. Take the old one and retire or store it and buy a new one in a soft, pretty color like yellow or pink or even cream. Try to find a few more accent pillows that you can exchange with the current ones that pick up a different color in your room. Even small changes like this can add so much.

Paint something. A chest, a chair, an old table – it doesn’t matter. Put a shiny new coat of paint (I love white) on a piece and watch it come to life. You can even stencil a cool design on it if you wish.

Add a few new accent pieces. You must be getting tired of the old ones and it is nice to add or change – go to flea markets or discount stores and find a new mirror you can refinish or just hang. Buy a few new frames or candlesticks. Or buy a new tureen and display it in the dining room. Add a new lamp to the foyer or change the shade on the one you have. These are simple ideas that really will make you feel like spring is here. You don’t need to spend a ton of money, just a little time for the hunt. And you will discover treasures in so many places.

Invite some people over – it is the perfect time to update your look in a small way and even if they don’t notice (remember some of them are men) YOU will know the changes you have made!

Photos from Better Homes & Garden

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