Mirror Mirror on the Wall (or Floor or Door or Anywhere)

Mirrors are wonderful. They can be used to enlarge a space, add a decorative accent, or be used to customize a bath or bedroom. They are available in an unbelievable array of sizes and finishes as well as styles and prices.

Historically, mirrors have been very popular. If you have ever had the fortunate experience of going through Versailles in France, you will know what I mean. There are reproductions today of mirrors used in every decade of history. And the reproductions are available now for all of us to enjoy.

Venetian mirrors are very “in” right now. It surprises me a bit, since economically we are in a tough time and they are probably the most opulent of mirrors. They are made with hand-etched beveled glass and often have very ornate rosettes, ribbons and gold leaf accents. At Tuesday Morning, we occasionally get them in and they are sold as quickly as we can unpack them.

Tuscan style carved wood mirrors are also very popular right now. They are ornately carved and often have unusual shapes. When hung above a sideboard or a dining room buffet they add interest and reflection and can enlarge the size of the space.

Think about grouping mirrors as you would artwork. Purchase a multitude of small mirrors in different shapes but similar finishes and hang them above the sofa. Check out http://www.bejane.com/ - this is a good website that tells you step-by-step how to hang mirrors properly.

Cheval style mirrors (really just a mirror on its own stand) are wonderful in guest rooms or bedrooms. Take down the dated mirror in your powder room and hang a new decorative one. Check our Tuesday Morning or HomeGoods - they both stock mirrors and their stock changes often.

Another idea is to go to a picture framer and have them make you a custom mirror if you have a difficult space. Or, take the unframed mirror from your bathroom and choose a new molding at the framers and they will assemble it for you. Customize instantly!

I also love the giant wall mirrors that are not hung, but lean against the wall. They serve to enlarge the space and look cool while doing so. My daughter Adrienne has one she purchased on sale from
Crate and Barrel. It looks great and I know she will be able to use it for years.

So, mirror mirror on the wall, we all know the fairest of them all and it is YOU, the great Becky Knows Everything reader!

*Becky Knows Everything: Don’t forget, all mirrors do one thing, they REFLECT so be sure you want to see what they will reflect. In other words, be wary of hanging a mirror above a fireplace since it is mostly going to reflect the ceiling or the ceiling fan!

Photos from Elle Decor and Crate and Barrel

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