Parsley, Basil, and Thyme, Oh My!

Don’t you love to cook or even just smell fresh herbs? And don’t you hate the way Martha Stewart pronounces that word? She says it like the man’s name Herb and it is a bit annoying, at least to me. Every time she says it I talk back to the TV and tell her to knock it off.

Anyway for the last three years I have tried to grow fresh herbs for myself. I have tried basil and thyme and rosemary and parsley. That famed duo Pudgie and Vicki also have tried to help me and each year they either drown from too much rain (yes, I do make sure they have a drainage hole) or they die from heat exhaustion. I wish one of you would write in and tell me what I am doing wrong.

My former Cincinnati neighbor, Kathy has 10 green thumbs, (you should see her plants) and she laughs at me each year. She gives good advice but it never seems to work for me. I have sent her photos of these pitiful plants and she has lots of ideas on how to salvage them, but nothing happens. Anyway, I will try again this year and let you know. Meanwhile, I have taken a photo of my current basil plant (I say this loosely since it is not planted, but does have roots) purchased at the grocery. They last pretty long on my sink and I always have a cute container for them, so that is something anyway.

Maybe 2010 will be my year!

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