Mom and the Wine and More

I recently returned to Cincinnati to both visit my friends and attend two baby showers for Stephanie (Baby Jackson is due very soon) – but before I got to Cincinnati I stopped to see Mom.

Mom was SO excited – you see my brother John, (her favorite child, which she actually does acknowledge) was going to be inducted into the Lorain Sports Hall of Fame. So when I arrived Mom was all involved in getting ready for the big visit. John and his wonderful wife Sherry were coming from Arizona, my brother Bill from Texas and our younger brother Mike and his wife from Florida.

Oh was Mom was in a tizzy, planning meals and entertainment and mostly thinking about the new BIG SCREEN TV her boys were going to help her get and set up. She was glad to see me, primarily because I would take her to the grocery store and help her carry all the groceries she needed to buy, then load the car and take them home and put them away. We are talking the non-perishables, like BEER and WINE and after a stop at the liquor store, some good bourbon too.

Now, here is the funny part of the story. Mom said John had called and told her that Sherry (OK – her name is really Shelly but we call her Sherry) liked white wine, in particular something Mom wrote down as PEANUT GRINGO. This cracked me up, since what she really meant was Pinot Grigio. So we did manage to get the right thing I think. Apparently the induction ceremony was a huge success, Mom said she looked so nice and my three brothers were the most handsome men in the room. Hmmm…Mom is already deaf, but I had no idea she was losing her eyesight too! Anyway, the 50” giant TV is in place, she is thrilled and there you go. Mom had a great few days with her boys and she is still smiling about it. I am not sure my sister and I were even invited!!

Oh – I forgot. Mom and I went to Michael Simon’s new restaurant (he is a Food Network personality) that just opened nearby. We had a lovely dinner that included his famous deep-fried brussel sprouts!

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