A Tale of Two Proms, Forty One Years Apart (Part II)

So you heard how prom went in 1969 – now a guest blog from my sister Bonnie about her daughter’s prom held a few weeks ago in San Francisco.

Ahhhh, prom season has arrived and all that it entails. I was lucky enough to have two daughters who “allowed” me to indulge my girlie side and accompany them to try on dresses, select accessories, and of course, pay for said items. Fortunately, I was also privileged to hold the pre-prom party for each of the girls and their myriad of prom-going friends.

While I attended my senior prom in my high school commons, the couples and singles attending the prom in our area of California go out of town to a swanky place for the event; our Rosie girl (fuschia dress above) was to join 750 of her classmates at San Francisco City Hall and arrive there via a limousine built for 10. (Annie once traveled to prom on a tricked-out limo/bus that held 24!) Those traveling in Rosie’s limo and their parents received invitations by mail to a soiree held at our home to enjoy light snacks and non-alcoholic drinks, and take photos to their heart’s content. It was fun to see the beautiful girls, suddenly all grown up in their updos and jewel-encrusted gowns, and the boys dressed to the nines, holding doors and champagne flutes with aplomb. Our al fresco buffet consisted of an assortment of cheeses, tropical fruit kebabs, homemade baby quiches, shrimp cocktail, mozzarella/tomato/olive skewers, and various sweet treats. We all enjoyed the beauty of the evening, the views, and especially the kids getting a kick out of how fabulous they were. The photos continued until they boarded the limo, with some folks climbing aboard for that special shot! I was so thrilled to see Rosie looking so happy, silly and beautiful. Best of all, just as she entered her carriage, I saw Rosie scanning the crowd to find me, gave me a soft smile, and a really sweet, “Bye, Mom!” Mom - best job ever.

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