The Royal Wedding and Me

I looked each day in my mailbox for my invite to the royal wedding uniting Kate and William and alas, not even a “Save the Date” ever arrived. Well, never mind, I can attend in my own special way.

As with Princess Anne, (we share the same birthday don’t ya know), Fergie and Andrew and Diana and Charles, I get myself up at 4 a.m. to participate in all the pageantry. This year, I have requested the day off from work and have arranged all my wedding party supplies. I am having fresh cinnamon rolls (well, Pillsbury makes them but I am baking them), bloody mary’s, and a delicious brunch casserole with ham, olives, cheese and eggs.

My tiara is ready to go, my alarm is set and I may have on my PJs but I will be watching on my big screen as the queen and everyone else arrives. I can offer my own fashion critique (seriously, is that Princess Anne ever going to get any style?) and I cannot wait to see what my friend Kate is wearing. Will it be that rumpled tissue paper look that Diana chose, or will it be something fitted without all those bows and mutton sleeves? At least Kate won’t be as heavily corseted as Fergie, who looked so nice, then exploded after the wedding and became a Weight Watchers spokesperson. Not that there is anything wrong with that. I mean a princess has to make money too, right?

Kate is a lucky girl. She went to the same college a prince and future king attended and managed to not only snag him but to hold onto him for 7 years. He has a new bald spot on the top of his head that I am pretty sure he did not have when she met him so I guess she really is in love. All my best to the happy couple and I will forgive them for not inviting me as I am sure my invite was “lost in the mail.” I will be there in spirit anyway. And by the way, I have absolutely perfected my royal wave. I have practicing it all week!

Photos from Access Hollywood

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