That Parisian Look

You see it everywhere now, in rugs and lampshades and pillows and furniture. I am talking about the wonderful new look of linen with prints of Paris and French words written in both block and script.

These new/old items have become popular as accents anywhere in the home. Remember the rooster look of a few years ago? You could find rooster prints on dishtowels, tablecloths and napkins. And there were plates with roosters, cookie jars and giant accent roosters. So many of my design clients were into this look and it was difficult to convince some of them that we should stay away from the ordinary and look for the unusual. It is still out there but has diminished in popularity although there are still a lot of collectors out there still buying rooster.

At Tuesday Morning whenever we get in any merchandise with London or Paris prints they sell immediately. Last week we had a round ottoman with stained, turned legs that I quickly took a photo of for you as I knew it wouldn’t last. I was right – we sold it in 2 days. We currently have tea-stained linen pillows, some dishtowels and a few adorable small lamps with linen printed shades.

You can bring that little bit of Paris into your home without spending too much. Check out what is available online or in your local overstock stores! Au Revoir!

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