Wreaths for Your Door and More

SPRING IS HERE –at least in some parts of the country. Here in Rochester we had snow yesterday but we are always hopeful for Easter and all that spring brings.

At Tuesday Morning we have an amazing variety of spring wreaths in the store right now. They are so colorful and bright, made of geraniums, hydrangeas, apple blossoms and a wonderful mix of spring flowers.

Wreaths can be showcased in so many places. As a designer, I once had a client with twin daughters and we had a pair of wreaths made to go above their twin beds. The little girls loved them and thought of them as “crowns.” These tiny girls are grown now and their mom says they took the wreaths with them to college to hang above their beds as a little “smile from home.”

Of course your front door is the perfect place for a welcoming wreath but I have seen them all over the house. They can hang on the armoire door, in a powder room, a laundry room, a kitchen or on the side door into the garage that no one ever “decorates.” At the holidays, I have a matching pair of berry wreaths flocked with snow I hang side by side on my twin bookcases.

A wreath can hang over an entry mirror (suspend it from fishing line from a tiny nail midway into the mirror) or perfectly over a fireplace. Light it with tiny lights, to give you a happy glow no matter the season. Check out your local Tuesday Morning store to find the perfect wreath.

Remember, if you have wreath on your front door and a bird family tries to nest there, just put an artificial bird on the wreath and the live birds will think another one lives there. This is a BECKY KNOWS EVERYTHING SUPER TIP JUST FOR YOU.

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