Becky Lights it Up!!

Good lighting is essential to your environment both at home, in an office or retail space. But lighting can “trick” you too. Ever notice how nice that produce looks in the grocery and when you get it home, not so good? Or how great you look in that swimsuit in the dressing room – and then when you try it on again at home it doesn’t seem to fit as well? On a side note I once herniated a disc in my neck trying on a bathing suit that was sized incorrectly – as in way too small. Any of you who know me, good luck getting this picture out of your head.

Anyway, lighting is vital to our natural well-being and as a tool for our lives. Let’s address regular day to day lighting in your main living space, great room, family room etc. Height and wattage are the most important issues. Depending on the height of your end table (or whatever you are using as one) the lamp height will vary. When you are seated, the light (not the shade) source should fall over your shoulder and down.

The teensy lamps are really decorative only and can be used to light up a kitchen counter at night or fill in a space on a bookshelf or are pretty in a powder room.

Ambient lighting, like those interesting candlestick lamps (sold everywhere from $-$$$$) are really decorative and lovely to turn on at night to light up your foyer or dining room or a small corner – but they are not suitable for tasks or reading.

To really have functional light, you need good wattage. I prefer the three-way (I am not talking about Skyline Chili here or any other weird thing that might pop up in your head) bulbs, that have a 150 wattage at their highest point. A lamp has to have a broad enough shade to actually let the light spill over you. Dark shades of course are cool looking, but they won’t give enough light unless they are very wide at the bottom and tall. Light colored shades have a glow from top to bottom. A mix of shades and styles work the best in a room (please no matchy matchy) but to actually read or do needlework or whatever, keep the lamp close and bright.

*Becky Knows Everything: I would love to see pictures of your favorite lamps or comments on what works for you! Send them to me at beckybarras@hotmail.com or leave a comment on my blog.

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