Centerpiece Sense

A bit ago, I wrote "Top Ten Design Things I Wish We Could Change" Let’s choose one and discuss it. I know it's not really a discussion since it’s only me telling you what I think, but that seems to work best for me! I do welcome your future comments and questions and hope you will post a comment on my blog.

Centerpieces, floral arrangements (real or silk), deco pieces, accent pieces – they all need to fit the space. They can do a lot of talking all on their own, bringing color to a room, adding a variety of line and texture and they can even highlight a personal interest.

On a dining room table, be sure the centerpiece you use when entertaining dinner guests is not so tall that your guests can’t see over it. How distracting to be peering around the centerpiece to make eye contact. If the table is not being used, put something great on it—a huge glass bowl, beautiful fruit (no fake fruit please), a decorative vase, cool candleholder (you get the drift) and then, when you are using the table move the centerpiece to your foyer table or the buffet (or put it in your master bath as far as I’m concerned). Then, switch to something sweet, like a bud vase at each place setting with a fresh bloom or a line of cool votives glowing down the center of the table or just put a “favor” at each place - a treat to take home like a chocolate truffle you’ve made (or bought at Godiva), a chocolate dipped strawberry in a pretty container tied with a ribbon or sealed with your initial. Often, if you’re lucky, you’re husband or boyfriend will let you eat his too – and that is a yummy treat all on its own.

My advice is to look in magazines, steal ideas and modify them to make them your own so the “centerpiece” of your life is as creative and beautiful as you are!

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Kathy S. said...

What a great idea this is for you Becky!! I really liked the Becky Style tips and have tried a few of your suggestions. I do have a question for you: I plan to get new family room carpet - what is your opinion of a large loop berber? I was thinking in a neutral two tone. looking forward to your reply! LOVE THE BLOG! Both funny and informative - you're the best. Kathy