Stenciling: Paint by Numbers Without the Numbers

Have any of you ever stenciled? I have done plenty of it and many years ago (like 25) stencil designs were very limited, while today it is incredible what is available. There is one great source I will get to later.

When we lived in Seattle and I had just begun to get my degree in design, I decided to use my creative energy and stencil my family room. These were the days of “American Country” or whatever you wanted to call ducks and hearts.

I found a stencil in my area that featured a wavy border with start. Upon completion, it looked too skimpy to me so I added another border below it in a checkerboard pattern in the classic Williamsburg blue. I loved it until a friend of mine visited and said “Wow, it looks just like the Ralston Purina dog food ads.” Apparently the checkerboard design was part of their logo and not willing to change it, I just hoped no one else noticed.

My neighbor came over, loved the design and asked where I had purchased my supplies. Guess what? A week later she had the exact color and pattern in her family room. The day I saw it I came home and painted mine out. Imitation may be flattery but to me it just meant mine wasn’t special anymore and isn’t that what we really want?—to be special?

*Becky Knows Everything: Check out Jan Dressler and order their catalog series for $5 - $10. These are the coolest, easy to use stencils that even famous faux finishers use. Or call them at 888-656-4515.

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