Blog - Personal, Technical, or Both??

I can never decide if this blog thing should be personal or informative. I read quite a few blogs and some are so cloying and so personal, in a way that makes you say to yourself “who cares?”

But, I do offer design tips and recipes – so those I figure are the informative areas. The trick is to entertain you (and me) without it being so introspective it loses the funny. Like today, not that much funny has happened. I was watching the “The Real Housewives of New York” from the other night (God bless the DVR and its inventor) and laughed out loud a few times. Do any of you watch this show? It is so much better than the shows featuring the housewives of Atlanta and LA but I am not sure why. It's really hard for me to believe these wealthy women want to be filmed bickering, drinking and snarking at each other. Someone always has hurt feelings, then there is a confrontation, and then they are hugging each other at the next party.

When I walk down Madison Ave in New York City and peer into the ritzy little boutiques, (you know the ones with 20 black dresses, largest size is a 4) I have often wondered who shops there. The stores all have the same interior designer apparently since they all have bleached floors and giant framed mirrors and leather ottomans and no one speaks above a whisper. And the clothing is very pricey. Now I know who is shopping there. It is the cast of the “Real Housewives” since all they seem to do is go out for lunch and dinner everyday in a different sleeveless sheath dress that shows off their toned arms. I am not sure what my point is, but I do want to ask this—for those of you who watch this show, how creepy was it watching Simon get a massage?

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